The best indoor grow rooms and ventilation setup tips

grow rooms with ventilation

The passive and active flow concept
The fresh air plays a crucial role in the healthy growth of the plant, and hence it is significant for optimizing the proper ventilation setup for aiming healthy plants and fetching the more abundant yields. Similarly, the grow room also needs a corrective adaptation of the filter system to prevent the toxic gases and remove the bad odour arriving from the plants. One can refer to the official Plant Sily blog for the best tips for growing indoor marijuana. One can also find more here on the reasons behind the rapid growth of Cannabis in Charlottetown.

According to the plant experts, the circulation of the air cycle must change every 5 minutes when the lights are turned on in the grow room. The flow of the air can also remove the excess of heat from the surroundings. Due to the circulation of the air, one can remove the bad odours, regulate suitable temperatures which can provide strength to plants to thrive.

What is the passive and active flow concept?
The intake system of the air in the grow tent can be in two steps which are

  • Active and
  • Passive

The passive intake system works the best for most of the grow tents. The passive intake does not depend on the intake system; instead, it removes the air and odour from the grow room with the help of the exhaust fan present on the inline fan. The passive intake also pulls and pumps the fresh air from the inline fan and hence successfully creates the vacuum. The passive intake systems work well on the grow tent, which has negative air pressure in the environment.

In the active intake air system, the owners have to install two separate inline fans. One for removing the odour and the other to pull and pump the fresh air from the surroundings and provide it to the grow room.

The active intake is good for the large grow tent and at scenarios where the average temperature is generally high, and hence two separate fans can keep the conditions under control in which one is for exhaust. Another is the intake of the fresh-air port.

How to size the ventilation system?
One can use the simple formula to calculate the CFM of the fan, which is the grow room width X length of the grow room X height of the grow room/5, which is equal to the recommended CFM.

The ducting system of the fan also affects the recommended CFM and people who use carbon filters must add additional 20% of CFM to the recommended CFM as to accommodate the loss of the CFM due to the carbon filter.

Hence the formula for calculating the CFM with the carbon filter will grow room width X length of the grow room X height of the grow room/5 X 1.2 =Recommended CFM. One can set up the ventilation system after determining the right CFM.