Flowers have always been considered representative of happiness, positivity and creativity. It is astonishing to see how nature contributes to beautifying our surroundings with such a colorful and exquisite range of seasonal flowers around the year. People prefer to have vibrant, colorful flower arrangements in their living room or kitchens to brighten up the interior. It gives our homes that much needed a boost of freshness and artistic creativity. Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, these creations of nature have much more to offer; many studies worldwide have discovered specific psychological and health benefits as well.

A perfect gift for any occasion or festivity, flowers have the power to bring a smile to your face. Following an ancient practice, placing flower bouquets in your home increases happiness, reduces negativity and anxiety levels and keeps your mode charged. Let’s talk about some of their common benefits:

There is a biological correlation between humans and plants. Plants give humans oxygen, while the carbon dioxide humans exhaled helps plants to nourish themselves. Apart from this basic need fulfilled, having indoor plants helps maintain required humidity levels in the air by releasing water. In dry weather conditions like winter, this helps lubricate the nasal passage and throat, hydrate the skin and provides the body resistance to infections. The purity and quality of air is improved by keeping indoor plants. The exotic aroma which flowers add to the house atmosphere enhances positivity and freshness.

Green plants inside the house help in lowering stress levels. The color patterns of the flowers have a distinct effect on our mood. Brighter and saturated shades of color give a relaxing and soothing feeling to our eyes and mind, whereas bold, dark colors provide the energy boost to get ready for the day ahead. Therefore, depending upon your choice of room for relaxation, entertainment or work, you can place flower arrangements accordingly. That is why you might have noticed that places like restaurants have very soft, soothing and exotic flower collections, whereas offices have more bright and elaborate arrangements. The flower is also used as a therapy for medically frail and psychologically depressed patients. They enhance the feeling of liveliness and positivity, helping patients get over pain and suffering in a better way.

From the creative point of view, greenery and colorful flowers are associated with a happy and confident mindset. There is a concept in designing, known as biophilic design, which reflects the desire of human consciousness to connect with the natural beauty and landscape. Homes designed with such theme have lush green outdoor gardens and backyards with a beautiful collection of seasonal flowers. Interiors are done with art pieces of sceneries and fresh flower arrangements. You can experience stress relief, positivity and mood rejuvenation as you enter such homes.

Be careful with your selection of plants and flowers as some of them can be a potential trigger for causing allergies which may range from slight discomfort to chronic disorders like asthma. As with all things, do some research to find what best suits your lifestyle and implement it.

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